Extra Curricular Activities

Insignia is an annual endeavor of ASM Group of Institutes to promote overall development of students. It is an inter-collegiate event in which more than 60 colleges participate. Over 2-days events like Antakshari, Mad Ads, Fashion Show, Singing, Dance, and Street Play are organized with almost 3000 students as participants.

Social Cause
Students at ICS actively contribute and participate in social causes that help the overall welfare of society.

Celebration @ ICS
Students of ICS enthusiastically organize and participate in a lot of activities like Freshers Day, Teachers Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, Theme Days etc

Dandiya Night
DANDIYA NIGHT 2015 is the traditional folk dance competition has been celebrated at ICS on 12th October 2014.Famous Marathi actor Aditya Kothare was the main attraction of the event.

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