ICS Faculty Speak

Prof. Hidayatulla K. Pirjade

In the era of globalization, higher Education has to face many challenges. Today management Institutes/ colleges have to compete at international level. Hence, It is essential that management of College undertakes innovative programs which would enhance the standard of education and enable teachers and students to take up challenges at the global level. The management of College has set up the following goals.
• To allow teachers and students to undertake research initiatives by organizing events like INCON.
• To provide a transparent and efficient day to day administrative culture concerned directly to the Institutes’ Teachers and Students.
• To not only create high academic environment but also promote the soft skills, research & innovation skills in its students.
• To establish a strong association with its sister institutes by holding joint seminars, cultural events and co-curricular activities.

Ms. Vinita Yadav
Assistant Professor , ASM’S ICS, Pune

I am really proud to be a part of this Institute, whose competitiveness and dedication is its prime motto. The credit not only goes to the hard working students, but also to Faculty members. As a team we are doing very well. By Team, I mean the team of Students and Faculties. We aim to achieve our individual goals with mutual interaction. Here, in Institute of Computer Studies (ICS), we have an environment that encourages one to bring out his/her real potential in their particular field.

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Ms. Vaishali Jawale
Assistant Professor , ASM’S ICS, Pune

The famous quote by Martin Luther King about Education is “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically... Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.”
Education is knowledge in basic skills, academics, discipline etc. In most of the institutes only academic basics are important and that is based on collecting knowledge without understanding its value. But here in ICS we are processing the knowledge using inspiration, visionary ambitions, creativity, risk, ability to bounce back from failure, motivation. These skills are associated with understanding the value of knowledge.

Pallavi Gillurkar
Assistant Professor , ASM’S ICS, Pune

At ICS, I always found very friendly but disciplined environment to work.
Here work is always a teamwork. Every faculty is engaged equally in academic as well as extra curricular activities. Here importance is given to excellence in education & encourage the students to fly higher to make fruitful career. In ICS, every year Faculty Development programs are taken for faculties to improve their skill set & knowledge. Also various national conferences are held here.
Our responsibility on the part of organization is to acquire and to assure that they’ve got the right talent, not only to serve today but to serve in the years ahead, to serve globally and to be constantly responsive to a changing technologies and changing demands of the organization. The students are exposed to the new technologies by organizing seminars, workshops, Interaction with professionals.

Mrs.Megha Joshi
Assistant Professor , ASM’S ICS, Pune

"The first step in the acquisition of wisdom is silence, the second is listening, the third is memory, the fourth is practice, and the fifth is teaching others."
The process of gaining and imparting education is incessant and goes on throughout our lives. This glorifies the aims and need of acquiring education and so it becomes very important to understand it.
As an exceptional Institute, ICS academic environment is shaped by its teachers, whose dedicated focus inspire the students. Students find them by their side right from the Induction day to the last day of degree. Faculty members are the principle drivers of change through their direct involvement in every aspect of the Institute. We Inspire students, guide them, teach them, support them; as a mentor, teacher and as a friend. Numerous activities are performed here in the form of Inter & Intra Collegiate Competitions where students can explore their potential. We believe "Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit."

Mrs. Priya R. Joshi
Assistant Professor , ASM’S ICS, Pune

ASM’s ICS provides best education for the students with all the basic amenities which helps them to enrich their career to meet their goals. Along with good infrastructure and facilities It has been providing training and development programmes to students to enhance their skills set and knowledge.
The MCA Program is one of the most focused educational programs I have ever came across. It equips student with relevant and necessary skills to excel in the market research sphere. Incredibly talented students which are a reflection of the teaching staff. It is great place to work.

Mrs. Prachi Raval
Assistant Professor, ASM’S ICS, Pune.

Its always been an cherishing experience at ICS. Cross pollinating thoughts with the future of our generation its been a pleasure to share my learnings and enhancing it by a way of interaction with the student in ICS. ICS prepares students for global industry with research in advanced technology enriched by international collaborations and faculty. ICS graces itself with facilitators who are excellent in their field of discourse, ready to handle any kind of environment and subjects, with a mindset incredibly stimulating and engrossing intellectual symphony, playing off all the minds in the classroom.
Simple, social, cultured and yearning for knowledge, gracious and warm… perhaps all these adjectives define my students. I am sure with their abundant desire and the palpable quest for knowledge, they will all do well in life and make themselves, ICS, their family and the country proud. I wish them a great future.

Mrs. Leena Patil
Assistant Professor, ASM’S ICS, Pune.

Since the tremendously growth of Information Technology has made it an indispensable aspect in many sectors and industries, it has revolutionized the whole system of our living. ASM-ICS objective is to train young minds for achieving success in the highly competitive global environment and develop their personalities for easy adjustment in multicultural environment. ICS is an excellent place for learning and provides amazing environment not only to students but to faculties also, to challenge their minds and explore new ideas and opportunities in experimenting in new technology areas.

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